Western Ukrainian Fashion Industry Cluster successfully cooperates with a number of organizations of both regional and international level. Thanks to effective collaboration, support, exchange of experience and active educational work, we not only find mutual "touch points", but also jointly achieve goals, implement interesting projects, develop our industry.

Business Community Club

'Business Community Club' is a business club that brings together hundreds of executives together with small, medium and large business owners of solid business reputation for the sake of developing a healthy business environment in Ukraine.

The club not only provides practical consultations, organizes trainings, conducts webinars, but also engages Ukrainian and European business partners in co-financing most ambitious participants’ projects.

Lviv Business School (LvBS)

LvBS is a school of European values and approaches that develops an open and responsible business community. LvBS aims to promote the development of visionaries who will proactively build the Ukrainian business environment.

Membership in LvBS Community above all opens up the possibility of continuous personal development for representatives of the company. This format is intended to create an enabling environment for communication and exchange of experience for business representatives (of international, national, local companies), authorities and non-governmental organizations.

Lviv Industrial Hub

Lviv Industrial Hub is an association that aims to coordinate and enhance interaction between industry, vocational education and research institutions. Hub unites together several professional clusters, connects industrial enterprises, transforms vocational training approaches based on dual education scheme.

One of the priorities is development of the so-called ‘Investment platform’, a database of attractive investment offers for local investors: construction work in progress objects, ready-made property complexes, land.

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